10 Amazing Things only Civil Engineers know while others don't.

1. Concrete is the most consumed material on the planet by humans apart from water.

2.On curves, the level of outer rail is raised above the inner rail by a certain amount to counter centrifugal forces' effects is known as Super-elevation or Cant (Banking).

3.While designing RCC Structures, the design strength of the structure is taken 1.5 times less than the Characteristic strength" (fck) of concrete while the design load is taken 1.5 times of the expected load. 

The value 1.5 is the factor of Safety of concrete.

4.Fish ladders are provided in weirs as it is essential to make the provision of some space in the construction of a weir for the uninterrupted migration of fishes from upstream to downstream in search of relatively warm water in the beginning of winter season.

5.There are moments at intersections when all the signals are red. This usually lasts for 2 seconds after every green cycle to facilitate clearing of vehicles from the junction. In other words, during this all-red phase, you can actually jump the red light without risking a collision, provided, of course, you are the only one doing it.

6.People not following lane discipline is actually a good thing. It increases the capacity of the road because of more efficient movement of mixed traffic and hence causes fewer traffic jams than if they were disciplined.

7.Flyovers don't solve congestion, they only relocate it to somewhere downstream/upstream.

8.This is Seismic Isolation, a means of protecting the structure against earthquake.


It detaches the structure from the ground so that shaking of the earth are not directly transmitted.

9.This is an Expansion Joint -

Expansion joints are provided along the transverse direction to allow movement (expansion/contraction) of the construction materials without inducing stresses due to changes in temperature or other reasons.

Of course, they weren't made to annoy you while driving!

 10. And this is a Total Station! :)