High Performance Concrete

High-performance concrete can be defined as any concrete that provides enhanced performance characteristics for a given application.

 According to American Concrete Institute(ACI), "A concrete special combinations meeting of performance and uniformity requirements that cannot be achieved routinely by using only conventional materials and normal mixing, placing and curing practices. The requirement may involve enhancements of characteristics such as easy placement, compaction without segregation, long-term mechanical properties, early age strength, permeability, density, the heat of hydration, toughness, volume stability and long service life in severe environments." (ACI 363 R-10).

Desirable Qualities of High-Performance Concrete:

                                             Desirable Qualities of High-Performance Concrete:

The High-Performance Concrete is made with carefully selected high-quality ingredients and optimized mixture designs. These ingredients are to be batched, mixed, placed, compacted and cured with superior quality control to get the desired characteristics.

Typically, such concretes will have a low water-cementitious material ratio of 0.22 to 0.40. Superplasticizers are used to make the concrete workable


High-Performance Concrete has been primarily used in tunnels, bridges, pipes carrying sewage, offshore structures, tall buildings, chimneys, and foundations and piles in aggressive environments for its strength, durability, and high modulus of elasticity.