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What do Structural Engineers do?

Have you ever stop wondering at the huge variety of buildings and structure all around us?

Why we just assume that houses will stay up and bridges won't fall down.

The answer can be found in the work of a Structural engineer. 

  • Structural engineers design, create, solve issues, innovate by use of maths and science to form the globe. The structures they build; from homes, theaters, sports stadiums and hospitals, to bridges, oil rigs, and space satellites are utilized by all of us each day. As highly trained professionals they work with architects and surveyors to ensure that whatever they are building can sustain the loads and stresses it will have to bear.

  • The challenges Structural engineer face are diverse and require creativity and problem-solving skills. That's why Structure engineers are public designers and problem solver too.

  • Structural engineers are specialist to account for extreme conditions such as heavy snows, coastal storms, earthquakes. The seismic structural engineer meet the challenge of construction within the earthquake zones.

  • Structural engineers are those who focus on disaster relief, helping to rebuild shattered communities and restore normal life.

  • Structural engineers are engineers who specialize in renovating the old buildings for continued use while preserving heritage in meeting the modern standards.

  • Structural engineers are forensic experts when to investigate the reasons why some structure fails.

  • Today structure engineers also face the issue of climate change which will make structure need to enjoy more challenging environment over time.

  • Sustainability is an increasingly important goal. New regulations require materials and construction techniques to create green buildings that are still strong and secure.
  • Structural engineers are responsible for some of most innovative concepts, projects, and designs. They are developing new technologies and techniques to create extraordinary structures that are quite literally changing the world.