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Transforming India: JCB

JCB India Limited, a leading manufacturer of construction and earthmoving equipment is transforming the material handling businesses in India with three revolutionary products – Telehandlers - JCB Loadall, Skid Steer Loader - JCB Robot and Super Loaders.

JCB India showcased its world-class range of material handling product solutions during its three day event from 14th, 15th & 16th of July 2016 at Manekshaw Centre, New Delhi. All three machines are Made in India at its India Headquarters in Delhi - NCR.

Since the industry is now progressing towards more safe and reliable practices, JCB India Limited; through these revolutionary products foresee a great chance to replicate the global best practices in the material handling industry.

1. Telehandlers- JCB Loadall – The perfection of 4 machines in 1: Telehandlers are used for material handling applications such as loading, unloading, placing and lifting material at different heights and reaches. Through the use of diverse attachments, this versatile machine offers the perfection of 4 machines in 1.
In India, JCB offers three variants of Telehandlers – a 7m lift height machine known as the 530-70, a 11 m lift height machine known as 530-110, and a 17m lift height machine which is the 540-170.


2.Skid Steer Loader- JCB Robot – The Compact for Maximum Impact:  
JCB Skid Steers are the world’s most secure safest Skid Steers as they come with a unique side door entry. This compact and versatile machine is available in two alternatives in India – the Robot 135 and the Robot 155. Skid Steers are ideal to operate in urban infrastructure applications or for narrow areas which where space is a limitation.

3.JCB Super Loader- The Power of One:
The Super Loader on the other hand is a perfect blend of value, versatility and performance. It is designed as a dedicated loader for loading applications at higher heights. At present, JCB offer two variants in the Indian market, a 3.1 m dump height machine and a machine with a 4.0 m dump height.

This range is accompanied with a broad choice of attachments such as High dump shovel, Bagasse  dozer, Bale grabber, Pallet fork, 6 in 1 shovel and many more. Many of these attachments were seen in action at the launch event.