Types of Shear Reinforcements

Shear or web reinforcements, called stirrups, links, or studs, may be provided to resist shear in several different ways such as the following:

1. Stirrups perpendicular to the longitudinal flexural (tension) reinforcement of the member, normally vertical.

2. Inclined stirrups making an angle of 45° or more with the longitudinal flexural reinforcement of the member.

3. Bent-up longitudinal reinforcement, making an angle of 30° or more with the longitudinal flexural  reinforcement.

4.Welded wire mesh, which should not be used in potential plastic hinge locations. They are used in small, lightly loaded members with thin webs and in some precast beams


6.Combination of stirrups and bent-up longitudinal reinforcement

7.Mechanically anchored bars (head studs) with end bearing plates or a head having an area of at least 10 times the cross-sectional area of bars

8.Diagonally reinforced members

9.Steel fibres in potential plastic hinge locations of members.

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