10 Reasons to Date a Civil Engineer

I had a friend who was a Civil Engineer by profession. Whenever I used to call him, all I could hear is the noisy sound of massive cranes and heavy machines at the site and the construction workers murmuring in the background.

Sometimes he used to cough heavily due to dust and all and asking me to talk loudly and I was like,
"Helloooooooooooo, Hellllooooooooo, Can you hear me?"

When I asked him out. I got an answer that he can't as
 "The Project is in the critical phase and to be completed before deadlines."

This is the life of a civil engineer.

Civil Engineers are the great guy. Here are top 10 reasons why you should date a Civil Engineer:

Civil Engineers are more detail oriented which makes them good listeners. Don't be surprised if a civil engineer suddenly shows up growing a beard, it might be because you mentioned that you like beards in a group chat on 26 November, 11:54 pm.

Civil Engineers have the patience of the world, be it on-site work, our boss brooding over some unfinished work or be it in the personal life. They can handle things real calmly.

Civil Engineers are keen observers: It is a skill they acquire with the long hours of working with disdainful and irresponsible workers. They tend to keep a silent watch on every step taken because, at the end, it all turns up in the bill. So, they can give you surprises a lot many times that you expect.

Civil Engineers are excellent in maths: They have the ability to process large amounts of data and analyze solution both in professional and the personal life.

Civil Engineers always have a B-Plan: Their profession has made them so cautious that they always have a 'Plan-B', just in case 'A' didn't work, sometimes he is ready with plan 'C' 'D' & 'E' as well. You will never be bored without plans.

Civil Engineers do not show-off: They usually have that straight, non-expressive face all day dealing with the contractors and laborers. So when they smile at you, you can be sure that it is genuine.

Civil Engineers have the ability to guess the exact location of toilets, stairs or parking even in any new building.

Civil Engineers know the importance of safety: As the civil guy very well knows the importance of helmets & safety belts you save yourself the worries when they go for that long road trip with friends. 

Civil engineers are too busy to have an affair and even if they do, they are too dumb to lie to you about that.

Civil Engineers have the ability to explain complex things in easy laymen's terms.
So What have you thought, Keep calm and date a civil engineer :)